Under-vacationed America.

In the US, we excel at so many things, but we really fall behind in using vacation time. We suffer from “Vacation Deprivation” !! I remember when I first moved to the US, I was shocked at the limited amount of vacation time people took. I had come from Europe where we take our full 2 week vacation every year (all at once!) What ??!!! People looked at me like I was crazy and were scrambling to take a few days here and there, or a long weekend away maybe.

You would be shocked to see how many unused vacation days your own State has. Makes you think doesn’t it ??? Click on the link here to see how your State measures up.

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So go on – take the vacation, give yourself time to really unwind and reset. As your trusted travel advisors, we give you full permission, and we’ll be happy to write a work excuse note for your boss 🙂