We noticed a little chill in the air this week when we were sitting outside during Halloween – I guess it’s finally time for our weather in Georgia to cool down. I also notice a lot of people with allergies and colds as the temps fluctuate, and word on the street is that (again), this year’s flu vaccine is not effective 🙁

When you have cold and flu symptoms and feel miserable, you’ll try anything to feel better. Enter – the all powerful hot toddy !!!! When we were growing up in Ireland, my Dad would make us a hot toddy before bed when we were sick. It would work wonders, a good nights sleep made all the difference.

For decades people have used the hot toddy as a natural remedy for easing all those aches and pains that are associated with the common cold, and, it was just assumed that it was one of those natural remedies, like chicken soup, that works because your brain thinks it works. But as it turns out, a hot toddy is actually pretty great, from a scientific perspective, at soothing your cold !!

Whiskey is a great decongestant — and, combined with a squeeze of honey, lemon, and the warm steam emanating from the hot drink, you have the perfect concoction for helping to clear up your cold symptoms. By the time you finish the drink, you’ll be breathing a bit easier, AND the alcohol will make you sleepy. Win-Win !!

Stick to ONE only though !!!

Here’s a little Irish recipe for your very own hot toddy:

1 shot of good Irish whiskey (like Jameson)

boiling water,

3 or 4 whole cloves, lemon slices, honey or sugar.

Stir it all together in a mug, and drink it in bed before you go to sleep.

Enjoy !!