Happy Valentines Day.  We’ve compiled a list of some romantic towns in Europe with “Love” related little tidbits for this day.


10 Most romantic towns in Europe:

We all love the romantic cities like Paris, Venice, Florence, but so does everyone else – and your nice little “romantic getaway” may be full of other couples thinking the exact same thing !! Maybe you’d prefer a “quiet, secluded getaway” in a quaint little town…….Conde Nast has put together a list of 10 Romantic small towns throughout Europe that may be just what you’re looking for. HERE

Travel makes relationships stronger ! 

Travel is the gift that just keeps giving – numerous studies show that couples who travel together experience better communication and connectivity, when shared activities that nurture the relationship are included. Getting away from it all relaxes us and we can focus on new and fun experiences together. Full Article HERE

Kissing greetings around the World !!

“The Kiss Greeting” – Europeans greet each other with kissy and huggy expressions 🙂 It can be awkward when you don’t know the “correct” greeting. The general rule is to follow the other person’s lead but even that can prove un-helpful…. here’s a guide that might help…..HERE