These days there are so many resources to trace back your family tree and nail down exactly where your roots are. Some of the best stories have been of people who thought they were from one place only to find out that they came from another place completely. Someone commented that they always had an affinity for Scotland even though their family history came from Italy, only to research and find links to Scotland !!!

Tracing you family’s roots can be one of the most rewarding journeys to take. Sharing with your kids is a great way to educate them and create a sense of family for them. Getting the ball rolling is not too difficult either – there are so many on-line resources available and lots of support from local agencies, genealogy experts and even others on the same journey that cross your path as you do your search. The most publicized and popular two resources here in the USA are and now the latest 23 and Me DNA testing.



Did you know that over 70 million people globally claim Irish Ancestry ? YES. Incredible. There are lots of resources available through Irish Genealogy and other sites. link here There is even an interactive immigration museum set up in Dublin where visitors can learn about our culture and history and also about immigration throughout the World, Lots of other countries have resources for people to research genealogy etc. It’s amazing how much you can find out on your own for free before you have to use a paid service.


So what have you got to lose ?? It’s certainly worth a look…..