Have you ever heard of fainting goats ?? I hadn’t until someone posted a video a few weeks ago and it’s a real thing !!! When you scare these goats, they immediately freeze, keel over for a few seconds, jump up and shake it off !!!  Search up fainting goats and you’ll be amazed.


The reason I am referring to this is that we had the pleasure of visiting yet another fabulous winery in the north Georgia mountains last weekend – aptly called “FAINTING GOAT VINEYARD” Located in Jasper Georgia, this little gem is an oasis – their wines are delicious, (selection here) they have live music every weekend, event space for weddings etc. and the view !! WOW gorgeous. You can see the view from some of these photos.

You may wonder why this name, well they have 2 goats called Ronald & Reagan that are right beside the outdoor seating area and you can visit them. I don’t know if they are so used to visitors that they don’t get scared as we didn’t see any actual fainting but they love to have their backs and heads scratched. Apparently sometimes they do faint:)

There were lots of visitors enjoying wine tasting, listening to music and the property itself is fab. perfect for a wedding or celebration venue. It’s owned and operated by The Higginbotham family. They regularly have events such as garden parties, wine tastings etc. and we will definitely be back.

Of course as y’all know, we mostly plan trips to Europe including fabulous wine and food themed river cruises and land tours but seeing as we can’t be traveling all the time, it’s great to know that we have such wonderful experiences available to us right in our back yard. Can’t wait to visit the next one.  Check out the North Georgia wineries here