Travel is a time to disconnect from the daily grind and stress. It’s a time to try new flavors, cultures and experiences. Traveling has been proven to have positive psychological benefits in addition to improving our relationships and wellbeing. Research supports this.

  1. Traveling improves our mood and wellbeing. It reduces burnout, makes us feel happier and relaxed and better able to handle our life stresses when we return. It’s also been proven to improve our health and improve our sleep.
  2. A Positive impact on our relationships. Traveling with your partner and or family strengthens your relationship. Every trip together has a story to be shared for the future. We can connect more easily when we are away. Also, we’re more likely to step out of our comfort zone when we are in a new environment and it’s easier to approach and meet new people.
  3. Traveling can make us thankful. Traveling can put our lives in perspective. We can certainly be grateful for the gift of travel, and experiencing other cultures and environments can make us appreciate just what we take for granted. Meeting people from different backgrounds, also promotes acceptance of diversity as well as gain compassion for others.
  4. Travel forever changes us. Immersing ourselves and appreciating new cultures broadens our personalities. Generally during our travel we’ll have to practice patience, tolerance and openness to new and different things. Travel tends to make us “Chill out” and slow down.

So you see travel really benefits us. The key is to be mindful, in the moment, slow down and “smell the rosesHere is a list of 25 science based health benefits to traveling.