SCOTLAND – is such a very popular destination now with over 10% growth in tourism each year. We have had several clients visit and there is a vast array of different experiences there.   Another great advantage of visiting Scotland is that it is a very safe destination away from the hustle and bustle of other European countries.

Scotland has mountain wildernesses such as the Cairngorms and Northwest Highlands, interspersed with glacial glens (valleys) and lochs (lakes). Historic sites like Culloden Battlefield,  the major cities are Edinburgh, the capital, with its hilltop castle, and Glasgow, with its vibrant cultural scene.

Scotland is famous for golf, the game first played at the Old Course at St. Andrews in the 1400s.  There are more castles than you can imagine.  How about a train ride through majestic landscapes? Outlander adventure ? Discovering whisky distilling secrets? An island hopping adventure? An afternoon in a gallery or a museum? Coastal explorations? Scotch Whiskey tasting, theatre? Shopping expedition? and much more …..

There is so much to see and do in Scotland…. Check out this link for more…

What is your “Clan” Tartan ?? (article here

If you’re of Scottish descent, Find out which Tartan you can wear and discover which tartan is linked to your family name or the region where your ancestors lived.  Millions of people around the world are proud to wear tartan but knowing which one can be daunting. You can visit the Scottish Registry of Tartan to find out. Link here