Everybody has their thing right ?? A hobby or past-time that they enjoy. Classic Cars are very popular especially vintage British cars !! If you own one, you’ll know exactly what we mean !! I’m sure there are lots of events and meets you can go to to “show off your beauty”, and….. wouldn’t you love a “Classic Car Vacation??”

Well….. we can do that !!! It’s amazing when you do the research what you can find, and we have options all over Europe for Classic car lovers !! Here’s just a peek of what’s on offer:

Vintage Aston Martin    Versailles tour          Vintage Hillman Imp    Vintage Rolls Royce


  • Authentic Taste of Versailles by Classic Car (Our fave) We love this one !! While in France, travel to Versailles where you’ll be met by your driver in his vintage 1930 Aston Martin. He will take you on an amazing tour of Versailles, incorporating a tour of the city, food and wine, Palace & gardens of Versailles tour with champagne and much more.
  • Classic Car Rentals: This would be a great option for a trip to Europe. Pick up your Classic or Vintage car and head off on your driving tour. There are a couple of options with this – Classic cars are available for rent and also there are membership clubs where an annual subscription provides a number of days of classic car driving per year (similar to a timeshare ) They’ll also provide you with a list of researched driving tours in the Region.
  • Escorted Classic Car group tours: These tours look amazing, they are offered in many countries including:France, England, Wales,Switzerland. Ranging from 10-15 cars in a group, you set off on a driving tour and travel with a tour director throughout these Countries. (This type of tour would be with your own car) that might be a bit cost prohibitive for us from USA. They do offer one in New England in the Fall which would be a beautiful & accessible option.

Neat – right ??  reach out to us if we can help with a trip like this.