Is there really such a thing as an “Ultimate” packing list ?? Everyone’s different right? and everyone’s an expert too 🙂  It’s difficult to come up with a one size fits all list but we think this one is a pretty comprehensive list with choices for different types of travelers and certainly some best practices.  We do a weekly Tuesday Travel Tip video spot over on our Facebook Page Celtic Hearts Travel and highlight something useful while traveling. have come up with a really great “Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist” that really covers the bases.  It includes some great tips like Packing cubes, rolling your clothes, carrying your packed luggage around the block before you leave home to see just how heavy it is as it’s likely you’ll be lugging it through airports, train stations, hotels (some European hotels don’t have elevators) !!

Here’s a great pre-travel list for your next trip.  ULTIMATE TRAVEL PACKING CHECKLIST.