London-Paris “Mis” Adventure

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The Binns Family, Kennesaw GA.
February 9, 2018
London-Paris “Mis” Adventure

Thank you Celtic Hearts Travel for helping us have a dream family vacation to London!  As this was my children’s first international trip (ages 15, 13 and 11) I was a bit nervous – and even intimidated – about planning a fun and safe trip for our family.  Celtic Hearts helped us put together a wonderful itinerary that fit the needs (and wants) of every member of our family – while staying within our tight budget!   From helping plan out our itinerary to arranging the private airport transfers and the perfect accommodations for our family of five, they helped make it great experience for all of us.

I truly believe that the real test of any company is not when everything goes perfectly – it is when something goes wrong and how they handle it.  A highlight of our itinerary was a day trip into Paris.  We traveled by Eurostar and loved the train ride through the county side into France and the guided day tour.  But, when we reached the train station that evening for our return to London we learned all trains had been cancelled for the evening due to a signal failure.   Not knowing what else to do, I reached out to Emer.  Celtic Hearts Travel kept in constant contact with us via phone and text throughout the evening.  Due to the hundreds of stranded travelers trying to access the same ticket exchange site – and a spotty internet connection plus a low phone battery – I could not access the website to try and reschedule our trip back to London.  Emer secured return tickets for the following day and stayed in contact with us until we were safely in a hotel for the night.  She then checked in throughout the following day to make certain we arrived back in London as scheduled.

It was such a blessing to know we had a trusted friend and professional helping us throughout the process.  Upon our return to the States, I had trouble getting our refunds for the return tickets and hotel.  Emer and her team stepped in once again and was able to get the complete refund for us within 2 days.  It was amazing!

My family is so grateful for all that Emer and her team did for us.   We will definitely be using Celtic Hearts again for our future family adventures!!

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