Our unforgettable London/France family trip

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Sarah & Gary D., Atlanta
September 25, 2017
Our unforgettable London/France family trip

We have been eyeing our 20th wedding anniversary for a trip overseas to celebrate with our sons. With so many options and very little experience with European travel, we found ourselves spending a tremendous amount of time researching where to stay, where to go, and how to get around. This is when Emer and Dervila swooped in to save us!

They emailed us an introductory survey and sat with us in person to discover and discuss who we wanted to be as travelers. Over the next few months, they were in frequent contact with us, providing updates and asking follow-up questions to help refine our itinerary. Personally, I will forever be appreciative to them for helping us create a two-week celebration that was truly unforgettable. 

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