Two times in the last 2 months, we have witnessed international destination situations where the traveler was unprepared and these two simple resources would have made the world of difference.

#1 – portable phone charger (link)

#2 Google Translate (link) (or similar translation app)

In both instances, travelers were “stuck” somewhere with only limited battery power left on their phone and no access to a phone charger. We always recommend that everyone has a portable phone charger in their possession and we can’t stress enough how important this is. We are always accessible to our clients during their travel via Viber or WhatsApp – however, none of that is of any use if your device runs out of juice. !!! These little gems are so cheap, just throw one in your bag EVERY time you leave your hotel or accommodations.

Scenario #2 was a double whammy with limited battery power AND also being stuck in a small regional airport where nobody spoke English !!! Now that’s scary. Google translate is a FREE app that you can download to your device (IPhone or Android compatible) it will translate basic language for you so you can at least ask for help or get directions – this is KEY !!! see video here

We hope you found this information valuable and remember both of these necessities next time you travel.