“Opa” is probably a word you’ve heard before especially if you watched “My Big Fat Greek wedding” it is a famous Greek greeting used when celebrating, toasting, dancing etc. Greece is fast becoming one of the hottest vacation destinations in Europe and there is so much more to Greece than meets the eye.

Here’s some info on the top spots to visit: Athens (the capital) , Santorini (volcanic island) , Mykonos (beaches) and many more here plus some of the most popular activities and attractions such as: Acropolis and The Parthenon (Athens), black volcanic sand beaches and cliff top towns Fira & Oia (Santorini) and Greece’s most glamorous destination Mykonos, home of Paraportiani (famous church) but mostly the beautiful beaches and live music venues. More here

In addition to being renowned for it’s export of olive oil, Feta cheese, Ouzo, saffron and honey, did you know that Greece is also famous for it’s wines ?? Greek wine has been produced for over 4,000 years and today Greece plays a major role in the International wine culture. There are 4 main wine regions and you can visit wineries throughout the country. Wine tours.

So who knew that besides the fact that “Windex” cures all !!! and that everything originated from the Greek’s they have so much to offer and a rich history which makes visiting Greece a bucket list item for us.