Sometimes it’s great to get away during off times or even during the Holidays right ?? Keeping on the track of the European Christmas Markets, you can get your fabulous European vacation in while getting your Holiday shopping done at the same time. The European Christmas Market cruises offer the best of both Worlds. Here’s a list of some of the specialties you can pick up at these markets – your friends and family will LOVE these unique treasures that are authentic and locally made. Article HERE


Destination Highlight – Paris

Paris is the city of LOVE – Have you heard of The Love Locks Bridge “Cadenas d’Amour” in Paris ? For years, visitors have been locking padlocks with sentimental messages to the Pont des Arts bridge and throwing the keys in the Seine river. This has been a tradition and a bucket list item for many. It’s reported that there were 700,000 padlocks weighing the equivalent of 20 elephants on the bridge. But sadly, on June 2nd, the city of Paris removed the locks as they have made the bridge unsafe.:( Don’t worry though, there are other Love Lock locations in Europe such as Cologne Germany, Prague, Rome, Serbia, Moscow and even our very own NYC..