Above: View from Culloden, Belfast City Skyline & Belfast City Hall

This week I’ve been traveling in the beautiful Northern Ireland.  Some of the stops along the way have been Culloden Estate just outside Belfast, also visiting Belfast City, Armagh, Banbridge, Carlingford Lough just to name a few.   Some of the top takeaways for me have been:  Hospitality, Gourmet Food, bespoke and VIP experiences.  The interactions I have had with the local people have been second to none !!  Below are just a few of the highlight photos of the destination, I’ll be doing more focused individual features in the coming days and weeks.


Above: Turning Point monument Armagh, Carlingford views

My warmest thanks goes out to Eoin McGrath of Culloden and Ghillian Campbell of “Visit Armagh” for  being wonderful hosts, and for their generosity and hospitality.  I am returning with a totally new and exciting perspective on all that is on offer here.

We can’t wait to share this destination with our clients to continue offering our unique travel experiences.