One of our favorite subjects – Wine. With over 70 wine producing regions in the World it can be difficult to narrow down your choices !! (original article cred – Vinepair) – link here

Besides the usuals like Napa, Bordeaux & Tuscany, Vinepair focused on the “hidden gems” Included in the top 10 list are Moldovia, Macedonia Greece, Finger Lakes NY, Uruguay, Tasmania Australia, Israel & Chile. Below are 3 of the top locations, and you can read about the others in the article link above.

Provence region France

The leading Rose wines are produced in this region. A patchwork of lavender fields stretching from theRhône River to the Italian border, Provence has picturesque seaside and mountains and more than 400 vineyards. Wineries such as Château de Berne and Domaine de Fontenille pair blush pink tastings with local fine cuisine. The old port city of Marseille is a vibrant base camp and nearby Arles provides a quieter alternative.


Valais, Switzerland

Located on the Alpine upper stretches of the Rhône River, the Valais region contains a large portion of Switzerland’s wineries and is responsible for roughly half of total production. If you want to sample some of the country’s fine Pinot Noirs, therefore, or wines made from flagship white variety Chasselas, a Swiss vacation is your best bet. The surrounding mountains, including the symbolic Matterhorn peak, shelter the region’s best vineyards (Domaine des MusesDomaine Gérald Besse, and Domaine Jean-René Germanier and some upscale Alpine resorts.

Sherry Triangle, Spain

El Marco de Jerez, a.k.a. the Sherry Triangle, is situated a one-hour train ride south of Seville, in a sun-soaked corner of Andalusia. Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa María are the three cities which define the triangle’s borders, and all of the region’s sherry blending and aging takes place in bodegas (wineries) within them. The name sherry is actually an anglicization of Jerez, the inland city that has some of the most well-known sherry bodegas. With a focus on aged sherries, Bodegas Tradición promises to satisfy aficionados’ palates, while the collection of Spanish artwork adorning its walls (including paintings by Picasso, El Greco, Goya, Velásquez, and Zurbarán) is museum-worthy.