It’s been a while since we have updated our blog posts.  2020 was such a crazy year, what with postponing and canceling clients’ trips, dealing with travel insurance claims, holding online for hours on end and so much more Covid dealt us. We had to bob and weave and flex our patience muscles to get through it, but we survived and we are still here.

Some positives of 2020 besides our personal lives included:

  • Updating all our policies and procedures
  • Learning about new destinations and supplier offerings
  • Creating relationships with destination management companies in the countries we offer
  • Leaning into our travel agent community and our Network
  • And like everyone else, being on Zoom multiple times every day  🙂

We are now ready to take on whatever comes along. We are ready and able to get planning amazing trips for our clients when the World opens up and they are ready to travel.

The travel landscape has changed and there are lots of new rules and protocols.  The CDC just recently changed the travel protocols for coming back into the United States from a foreign country.  Now all incoming passengers need to have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of return travel to the US.  In addition, there’s talk of a 10-day quarantine after returning home. This can be daunting and certainly disappointing, however, we believe these measures are necessary at the moment until we can get this pandemic under control and travel freely again.

Some of our Virtuoso hotels and resorts are quickly working to provide tests on-site for travelers.  We are actively seeking any updated information daily to best advise our clients.  We will get through this too and there’s light at the end of the tunnel with vaccinations and better Spring weather on the horizon.

So dust off your travel bucket list, start dreaming of destinations again.  Remember all those trips from 2020 that couldn’t travel? Well, they have moved to 2021 & 2022, properties and resorts are operating at reduced capacity and the pent-up demand for travel is ramping up – you must plan your vacation well in advance to ensure availability. That’s where we come in – we work with the best Global partners to offer you some once in a lifetime experiences coupled with the security of local support while you’re traveling.

Here’s a link to a Virtuoso article with advice and insight from Virtuoso travel advisors