As the World slowly opens up again with lower Covid numbers and mass vaccination, people are desperate to get out and travel again. So many things have changed since Covid and it’s necessary to be prepared. There are so many questions and moving protocols and rules – let us do the work for you !  We’ve been working behind the scenes to educate ourselves, keeping up with all the latest in our industry, and getting ready for the upcoming travel tsunami !!

We are your personal travel tailors”

Life is stressful enough. Take the stress out of planning your vacation by working with a Travel Advisor that has all the insider knowledge to provide you with the best experience for your vacation. Time is money–save time and let us do the leg work!

Often the best travel deal isn’t the one that best suits you. By working with us, we’ll make sure that you get the best potential value and experience for the trip you actually want to take. Unlike a search engine, we will take your personal preferences into consideration before researching and planning your perfect itinerary.

We have exclusive industry access that online booking engines and average travelers don’t have. We are much more likely to enhance your trip with special moments. It might be a surprise bottle of champagne upon arrival at the resort or a last-minute suite upgrades. There’s no guarantee but working with us ensures that you have someone looking out for you behind the scenes. And being members of the Virtuoso luxury network, we have insider access to the best of the best!

Better value for you – Luxury hotels, tour operators, and many resorts partner with travel advisors and reward us with incentives to share with our clients. We continually get access to the best rooms, upgrades, and special features that are just not available to the public or through online booking engines.

We are the experts in the industry!! Travel Advisors are constantly educating themselves on the ever-developing industry. While COVID-19-related travel restrictions are constantly changing, it’s our job to be up to date and in the know. For many, the thought of planning travel in the time of coronavirus is overwhelming, and we are here to step in and provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure you have the best experience.


As the title of the article says, “we are your personal travel tailors”.  If anything unforeseen occurs, you will have an actual person to contact for help. Even when an unexpected situation is outside of our control, we will go to bat for you and keep in communication until we resolve the issues.

You are not traveling alone when you have a Travel Advisor who has got your back!

We can get you excited to see the world again and get you inspired when planning your trip of a lifetime. In the time of COVID-19, we will never pressure you to travel but can help plan your dream trip for the time when you are more comfortable heading out to explore again.

(Thanks to Sceptre Vacations for article inspiration)