What’s next ???

Have you had a travel bucket list for a while ? Where have you been dreaming about ? Now's the time to tick something off your list. But how do you pick which destination to go to ?? Try this neat little quiz from The Travel Channel that might help you along. Can't wait to hear what you got -  WooHoo I got PARIS !!!          Here's some tips that might help you when planning your next vacation: Full article [...]

Beautiful Northern Ireland

          Above: View from Culloden, Belfast City Skyline & Belfast City Hall This week I've been traveling in the beautiful Northern Ireland.  Some of the stops along the way have been Culloden Estate just outside Belfast, also visiting Belfast City, Armagh, Banbridge, Carlingford Lough just to name a few.   Some of the top takeaways for me have been:  Hospitality, Gourmet Food, bespoke and VIP experiences.  The interactions I have had with the local people have been second [...]

Tips to make International travel easier

Here are some tips make your overseas journey easier.  (courtesy of Travel & Leisure) Hotel business cards. Take a business card from the front desk when you check in, that way, if you ever get lost, you have the name and address of the hotel in the local language. Having something in a local language that can be shown to locals and taxi drivers is an extra bit of insurance.   The six-month passport rule.  The U.S. lets you use your [...]

Come to the Dark Side ……..

Do you know what Dark Tourism is ?? Dark tourism (also referred to as black tourism or grief tourism)  has been defined as tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy. ... The main attraction to dark locations is their historical value rather than their associations with death and suffering.  Dark Tourism is a becoming increasingly popular as a niche in the travel industry.   There are many sites in Ireland, both North and South. Here are a few of the more famous: REBUBLIC OF [...]

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